Want to share any file with your friends, family, coworkers or any other person? ZEO.net is a perfect solution for that!

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1. Drop a file to ZeoNet

It can be a photo, a music file, a document or any other file up to 400 MB.

2. Get a link and share

Use the generated link to share the file with anyone you like.


Completely FREE file sharing!


Secured information with end-to-end file transfer protection and 128-bit encryption.

400 Mb

Maximum file size limit of 400 MB!

Multi Format

Uploading of Pictures, Videos, Documents, Music or any file format you want!


Maximum upload and download speed depending only on your internet connection.

ZeoBIT philosophy

ZeoBit is more than just your average cloud storage or file sharing startup.

With our knowledge and experience we hope to create the next generation of tools and services for cloud computing.

Our vision and goal is to revolutionize the way our users share and store their images, files or other important documents. ZeoBit is committed to solving tomorrow's cloud computing challenges today.

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